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Holroyd Heart Centre

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The Consultation

Consultations are a very important part of your assessment. Please bring all medications and recent blood tests with you. Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your booked appointment.


What to expect for your initial visit:


1.  Firstly you will need to fill out a form with some basic contact details.

2.  The nurse will take you into the preparation room and perform a 12 lead ECG if indicated.

3.  You will then be taken into the consultation room where I will take a history and an examination will be performed.

4.  I will then perfom a resting echocardiogram (ultrasound of the heart) if indicated.

5.  Following this we can develop a management plan together.

6.  Many cardiac tests are performed in the office for your convenience.

Contact Us

Dedicated second and third opinion consultations - non medicare service now available for local and international residents. 

A second or third opinion is often an excellent way to ensure your treatment is reviewed by an independent person and optimised for maximum benefit. When your instincts are telling you something is not right with your current management - seek clarification from another expert! 


Dr Touma is now providing dedicated consultation slots for second and third opinions and those with complex management problems. These are available to both local and international patients either in person or via video conferencing. 


International residents are welcome to book and payment can be made via PayPal or direct bank deposit.


These 30 minute appointments can occur without a medicare referral and can be initiated by YOU the patient at your request. No rebate is available from medicare without a medicare referral and the fee is fixed. This can occur from the comfort of your own home via video conferencing. The advantage of this consultation system is it can be initiated by the patient in confidence for a complete review of your cardiac care and to answer specific questions about medications and proposed treatment strategies relating to your heart. 


For those that desire the utmost confidentiality, no transmission of the medical record for the consultation will be made to another physician without your express permission. You will be given a copy of the outcome of the consultation for your medical records.


If you are interested in such a review, please contact us via the website for an appointment and cost information. 


Of course, these consultations can occur for Australian citizens and residents through a GP referral via medicare as for standard consultations.