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Private Insurance - why it is so important

Posted By George Touma  
12:00 PM

We are very lucky to live in Australia. Our current COVID 19 situation is a daily reminder of that. But our health care system isn't perfect. 


There are currently three tears of private health insurance cover in Australia that cover hospital care


1. Gold policies

2. Silver policies

3. Bronze or basic policies


Its very important that you ensure you have a silver or higher to cover cardiac procedures in the private hospital. 


Why is this important?


1. Procedures in the public hospital are often performed by doctors in training. While a specialist should be present assisting, there is no guarantee that this will occur. 

2. There is little to no wait in the private hospital for cardiac procedures.

3. The latest stents and technologies are available in the private hospital and often not in budget constrained public hospitals. 

4. No gap will be charged - so no out of pocket doctor fees when I perform your procedure in the private hospital.