Hospital Associations

I have a strong relationship with local private and public hospitals.


I perform Cardiac procedures for privately insured patient’s at Hurstville Private and Norwest Private Hospitals. I have accreditation at many other private hospitals including Nepean private and St George Private Hospitals.


Please note that the site of your procedure may change, depending on the various equipment required for your specific procedure. While I always endeavour to arrange a procedure close to home, ultimately you will be taken to the site which maximises the chances of the best procedural outcome.


For patients without private health insurance, I arrange cardiac procedures at St George Public Hospital. This provides patients with the very best cardiac care available within the public system.


The cardiac procedural facilities and post procedural care at Hurstville Private and Norwest Private are world class and offer patients the very best chance of excellent outcomes.


Transportation is always a concern for patients. To minimise this, Hurstville private has kindly provided cab charge patients for my patients for the trip to and from the hospital. Please ask secretarial staff for more information. You must arrange transport home. 


Norwest has an emergency department and I am on call at this hospital. I can also directly admit you to hospital for more urgent investigations.


It is important that you use your private insurance if available, as there are significantly shorter waiting times and it guarantees I will perform your procedure and have daily close involvement in your care from admission to discharge from hospital.


Coronary angiography and stenting is performed at Norwest Private and Hurstville Private on Tuesdays. Complimentary cab charge is available to all patients attending Hurstville Private for a procedure.


I am a NO GAP PROVIDER for hospital procedures. This means there are no out of pocket expenses for any procedure that I perform in hospital. This includes heart ultrasounds, ECG’s, coronary angiograms and stents. I also tend to refer to no gap specialists in hospital, which means a stay in the private hospital is very affordable.