Holroyd Heart Centre provides state of the art consultation, diagnostic and interventional services. All aspects of cardiac care from coronary disease to heart rhythm problems and structural heart disease can be managed in the one location. 


Same day visits and urgent consultations accomodated.


 What you will need:

  1. A current (less than 12 month old) referral from your GP
  2. A current (less than 3 month old) referral from a specialist
  3. Medicare card and private health details
  4. Recent scans and blood tests results
  5. All of your medications or prescriptions or a medication list


Please note that private health insurance does not cover the cost of outpatient investigations



Holroyd Heart Centre



1/3 Aldgate Street Prospect. 2148


Phone 02 8604 0933

Fax 02 9631 6300