CT Angiogram & MRI



CT Coronary angiogram


A CT coronary anngiogram is a virtual coronary angiogram performed in a equipped radiology suite. This test is different to a formal coronary angiogram performed in hospital. A drip is placed in the arm and a specific CT scanner "reconstructs" the coronary arteries. It is used in patients with chest pain or shortness of breath at low or intermediate risk of coronary disease. 




1. Quick 

2. Admission to hospital not required

3. If normal then excludes obstructive coronary disease (except coronary spasm)

4. Excellent for excluding anomolous coronaries origins

5. Very good at assessing venous drainage

6. Low radiation dose in expert centres





1. Requires a low resting heart rate for optimal images

2. Difficult to perform in anxious patients

3. Heavy calcification makes it difficult to assess the severity of narrowings

4. Requires iodine contrast

5. Not ideal for patients with significant renal impairment or severe contrast allergy

6. Narrowings cannot be fixed at the same time as with invasive coronary angiography


My CT coronary angiograms are performed at Medscan in Merrylands. This facility provides the very best in CT coronary angiography with bulkbilling for elligible patients. 







Cardiac MRI


A cardiac MRI scan is a MRI scan of the heart. It is a very valuable test used to assess the heart muscle from the outside in. It provides valuable information regarding many inherited diseases of the heart muscle. 


This scan is also performed at medscan in Merrylands. It is not covered by medicare and costs approximately $400




1. Very detailed images of the heart muscle. 

2. Forms part of the diagnostic criteria of many heart muscle disorders or "cardiomyopathies"





1. Incompatible with various metal implants

2. 4 week turnaround from scan to results